Facial regenerator (prickly pear seed oil) (30 ml)

Facial regenerator (prickly pear seed oil) (30 ml)





  • Description

    100% pure prickly pear seed oil. Made with rose damascena oil. Very valuable essential oil to regenerate the skin. It also helps prevent, treat and delay the appearance of the signs of aging.


    Suitable for all kinds of skin, even the most delicate and sensitive. It is a really beneficial oil for the health of the skin thanks to its many properties: antioxidants, moisturizers, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-blemish, anti-stretch marks and decongestant.


    Very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. Do not confuse with prickly pear oil, as they have different characteristics.


    • Promotes healing and rejuvenation of the face
    • Corrects skin imperfections (stretch marks, scars, small wounds, etc.)
    • Helps to achieve a more cared, soft, youthful, flexible and luminous complexion
    • It has moisturizing, toning and oxygenating properties
    • Improves skin texture, tone, radiance and smoothness
    • Protects against free radicals, which prematurely age the skin
    • Fight against dry and damaged skin, improving its hydration


    It is recommended to apply between 6 and 7 drops on a clean and always wet face, ideally at night. It can also be used on the skin, nails and even on the hair.

  • Ingredients

    Prickly Pear Oil and Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil




    Opuntia ficus indica seed oil, rosa damascena

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