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"The use of vegetable, essential oils and their derivatives provide endless benefits for our skin, generating a plus of health and well-being"
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* "I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to use your products. I never thought that artisan cosmetics could be clearly superior to the big names in the market. I have tried several of your things, especially shampoo and I have never tried anything like or similar Congratulations on such a wonderful job! "



* "I made an order on January 31, taking advantage of your discount on the cost of January and my mother, ALL WONDERFUL. The solid shampoo for fine fine hair, please seriously if you have doubts about what to order, dare with the anti-aging serum , in a few days I have noticed a noticeable improvement in my skin. The headache cefaleum has been great for me, I have already had to use it. The punished hair serum I have already used a couple of times and it is very hydrating , and the rose tonic is just what I was looking for for my routine after removing make-up and washing. The goat's milk soap smells DELICIOUS and leaves my face silky and clean. Thank you very much jaboncity for these prices and this marvel of products, for sure I'll repeat !! "


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* "Yes !!!! The donkey milk soap is a delicacy! Very creamy ... an incredible smell! I love it! Thanks for the advice you gave me ... Greetings."


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About us?

Elaboramos artesanalmente productos de cosmética natural y los ponemos a tu disposición a través esta página web. En ella encontrarás jabones, champús, aceites esenciales y vegetales, además de otros productos para tu aseo y bienestar, siempre con la máxima calidad.


Aquí actualizamos toda la información relativa a los mercados temáticos en los que participamos. Recorremos la geografía española para que puedas conocer de primera mano nuestra gama de productos.


Nos impulsa un gran compromiso con la belleza y el bienestar de nuestros clientes, por lo que trabajamos con el objetivo de que todos nuestros productos cumplan los más exigentes estándares de calidad. Además, tenemos un gran respeto por el medio ambiente, así que únicamente elaboramos productos con ingredientes naturales y no testados en animales, garantizando así una terminación sostenible y biodegradable.

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We have a great respect for nature, so we provide products with natural ingredients and not tested on animals to guarantee a sustainable and biodegradable finish.

Sulfate free

Palm oil free

Not tested on animals

No synthetic preservatives


Palm oil free

Silicone free

Sulfate free

Not tested on animals

No synthetic preservatives